Maezie's Pumpkin Patch Book Signing with Lynn Snowden October 16 2016

                     We hope you can join us
Book signing with Author Lynn Snowden
Saturday, November 5th from 11-1pm

Thank you Academy of Hand Made July 07 2016

Academy of Hand Made is a proponant of artisans, makers and all things hand made...thank you for the wonderful write up and support!

Check out our interview....

Spring Inspires Growth March 23 2016

Spring inspires growth in all aspects of our lives...creatively we have been inspired by some wonderful entrepreneurs we've recently met. A random conversation with an aspiring foodie/owner of Gypsy Eats shared his passion and enthusiasm of healthy sustainable food, organic gardens and so much more. He serves at the Altadena Farmers Market...we can't wait to visit!

Some new spring items have sprung up at the nest...come in and check out gorgeous swings by Moira Love, a friend and beautiful artist. We have some great gifts for Easter...wind chimes, new jewelry, hats from San Diego Hat Co, journals and so much more...

swings by moira love

We will continue to share news regarding new artists, places we go and inspiration that keeps us dreaming. 

"Nine Pieces" March 11 2016



Belles Nest is pleased to announce an exhibition of the imaginative work of Sierra Madre resident Tom Tomlinson.  "Nine Pieces" is Tom's second show at Nest.  Like his first exhibit, "Tommy!  Take in the Trash," "Nine  Pieces"  reveals his ability to take lost, found, tossed, cancelled and thrashed objects and render them into something new.  Detritus revalued.  Materials resurrected into new relationships, new meanings.  Think collage and assemblage.


Tomlinson's work is very much influenced by his life as a historian of early twentieth century European cultural history, especially the ways in which German and Russian artists sought to make meaning out of the chaos of post-World War I life.  Tomlinson is retired from a career at USC, the University of LaVerne, and Occidental College.  While he still does a bit of professing now and then, he claims to spend most of his semi-adult life stealing the ideas of really talented but deceased artists, occasionally giving them credit in the form of works of homage.  We don't believe him!  But we humor him anyway because his work is in turns out-of-the-box original, playful, and smashingly witty. 


Tom has exhibited his work at the University of Redlands, Occidental College and several southern California galleries over the previous twenty years.

Come take a look!

Sunday, March 13


Belle's Nest

Gratitude November 23 2015

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the years of support our wonderful customers and friends have given us and for the talented artisans we work with. The art of handmade is alive and well!  Through our search for unique products, we find that Fair Trade is a practice that continually crosses our path. It has its own special place in the world of handmade.  We get asked quite a bit, "What is Fair Trade?" Please visit the links below for examples of how your purchase of Fair Trade products help villages and artisans from around the world.  One of our favorite products are bells! Currently available at Belle's Nest of course!


Jewelry Artisan Group Video :Jewelry Video Link

Water Filtration Video: Water Filtration Video Link

Tiny House Hunters October 27 2015

Tiny House Hunters came to Sierra Madre! Belles Nest is featured in the episode which aired October 23. Check it out on the link below.

An evening with Friends of the Arts September 29 2015

We are happy to host an evening with four lovely artisans of F.O.A., all Sierra Madre residents. The wonderful mix of wares range from textiles, raw paintings, hand crafted lighting, and whimsical works or art.  Make an evening of supporting our local artists, enjoying a glass of wine and tasty delights.  

Get to know the featured artists....


Paintings by Jennifer Lindstrom

Jennifer Lindstrom is an artist of many colors and mediums from henna to glitter and paint or collage.  You never know what its going to be, it could be anything?
Tonight will be a collection of bird prints mounted in hand painted distressed picture frames, they are an instant gift or treasure to add to any room. There may also be a few original paintings for sale or possibly an entirely new project altogether.  
Painting by Elizabeth Converse

Throughout  my life I have learned about the world through the creative expressions of others and myself. I cannot imagine a day in which I do not appreciate the intrinsic and irreplaceable gift of living a creative life.”  

Elizabeth Converse has known several artistic professions from the inside out:  painter, writer, educator designer.  In the last year, she began devoting herself to a new series of paintings.  Her Away paintings on display reflect her recent interest in landscapes and the notion of Being Away and Renewal.  Also on display are current designs and Textiles from her  growing Leda Collection 


Lamp by SoPhab 

Lamp by Sophia of SoPhab

Sophia D’Auria launched her company SoPhab in 2014.  After 10 years of working for others in the decorative lighting industry, honing her wood and metal working skills on both large commercial projects and intimate one of a kind designs, she decided to start her own artisan business.  She is committed to creating fun, friendly and functional lighting for both homes and workspaces.  Since starting SoPhab, herskill and attention to high quality and artistic designs has attracted homeowners and shopkeepers alike who desire something unique for their environments.  


 Pat Arcona pat arcona 

Pat Arcona

As an artist I promote Arts and Artists. This is an obsession and as an obsession I can only share the fruits and hope to share the emotions. Since I cannot trace the source I believe the heart of a non-Western has always resided inside me. My travel chooses and places I have lived only reinforce this belief. But an obsession is only another word for a passion, and I am going to display this passion and hopefully share it. 

To read more information about the artist and Friend of the Arts, please follow the link below...

Book Signing....Small Adventure August 25 2015

September 18, from 6p-8pm we will be hosting a book signing for Keiko Brodeur of Small Adventure.  We have had the pleasure of selling her products over the past six years. Keiko is a wonderful reflection of her line, incredibly sweet, joyful and whimsical....Get to know alittle bit more about Small Adventure!

    • Belles Nest has carried your work since the first day we opened over 6 years ago. How has your craft evolved over those years?
If I remember correctly, when you first started carrying my goods in your shop I mostly made fabric things like felt mailing envelopes, fabric buttons with embroidered letters and only some illustrated paper goods. Over the course of learning more about the wholesale side of having a creative business I started figuring out that what I mostly wanted to do was draw and paint and that making cards would be the best way to do that.
• What is your favorite aspect of being an artist/entrepreneur?
Setting my own schedule and being my own boss has definitely been the best part of creating a business. I love getting up when I want to, whether it be early or late, and prioritizing the tasks in my work day according to what I feel needs to be accomplished or simply taking a whole day to be creative and inspired. No one is looking over my shoulder and I feel that I work best that way.
  • What do you enjoy doing when you are not creating?
When I'm not painting or designing products for my business I do enjoy doodling, cooking, eating, reading, taking my dog on long walks and seeing movies with my husband and friends. 
  • Are there any tips you would like to share for someone who wants to turn their hobby into a business?
if turning your creative endeavors into a full time business is something you'd like to do you should never stop pursuing it! I think determination is one of the key factors. I've had my small business for 5-6 years now and only this year was I able to quit my part time work and concentrate fully on Small Adventure. It may take awhile but as long as you have a unique product, strong work ethic and are willing to learn new things about your industry and adjust as needed I believe you can develop your business into whatever you envision.

    • How has your new journal from Chronicle Books changed your business or life?
First off I've always wanted to make a book and work with Chronicle Books so I feel like I've achieved two major goals! Being involved in the whole process from original idea to writing the text and illustrating all the spreads was fascinating to me and has sparked the desire to make more books in the future. I also got some ideas for new Small Adventure goods while I was working on the illustrations for the journal so it was great to work on a project that gave me inspiration for my own business.

    • Where do you see your business in the next year or two? 

I'm hoping to have a lot more products, especially cards, and am crossing my fingers that I'll be able to get some help in the day-to-day business side of my work so I can concentrate a little more on the creative and production side. Having a business can be pretty overwhelming sometimes and there are a lot of hats I have to wear to get everything done. It would be nice to have a few people in charge of some of the things that I'm not so good at. I'm sure Small Adventure would function better if that were to happen in the future.

 Email or call to reserve your copy

Book Signing with Artist/Illustrator Margie Burke November 12 2014


Banjo is a real donkey who lives in a valley below the Bridger Mountains in Montana.

"Banjo needs a friend. The seasons change, and winter settles in around his barn. The days pass. Banjo waits." 



Please join us for a wonderful afternoon and meet Artist/illustrator Margie Burke's of the beautifully illustrated BANJO. 

Tuesday, November 18



Who are the lovely people behind BANJO the book....

Anne Trygstad studied Scandinavian literature, Old Norse and medieval ruinic inscriptions. She lives in Montana, where she rides her Icelandic horses and runs in the mountains with her dogs. Anne is a friend of Banjo.


Margie Burke was born and raised in Sierra Madre. She loves to hike the Mount Wilson trail. Margie Burke is an artist who lives and works in San Francisco, California. Her spiritual home is in the Rocky Mountains. 


Emily Copeland is a middle school librarian and calligrapher from Manhattan, Montana. She is interested in photography, history, writing and enjoys the wonders of the Rocky Mountains.







Begin HallowEEn at Belles Nest October 16 2014

Local artist Jennifer Lindstrom will be hosting different activities at Belles Nest  to help you get in the festive mood for Halloween...


                                                     Face Painting

                                                Simple Design $5                         

                                                        Face $10


Just in Time for Trick or Treating

Friday, October 31st, Halloween Starting at 1pm

Drop in Basis, First come first serve....Open to all ages!



                                      Glitter Tattoo Sugar Skull Design


Thursday, October 30th starting at 5:30
Sign up in the store to reserve your time

Artist: Jennifer Lindstrom

Glitter tattoos are waterproof and can last up to 5 days. Have it created on Thursday and have Amazing Bling for Halloween, plus it will last up to the Day of the Dead on November 2nd

Open to all ages



                            Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Workshop


click on the link to our workshops for more information and to sign up....                                          

Paint!! October 02 2014

Our response to Maison Blanche paint has been great!  We have customers trying a chalk based paint for the first time and some are customers who are giving Maison Blanche a try after using other chalk paints in the past.  Soon, Katie will be hosting a series of workshops using the paints and other products for advanced paint techniques...

Meanwhile, Annie, founder of Maison Blanche has some great video tutorials to help you get started!  


Instructional Video

Glacage Application Video

The Simpler Things in Life September 15 2014

Remembering "The simpler things in life" brings back good memories, easy times and yes, a slower pace.  These simpler times were the inspiration to Moira Love's latest works of art!  Her beautiful acrylics were the focus of our Friday night art event.  Her whimsical approach to her paintings can't help but make you smile and feel happy.  Moira is also a dog lover, her dog paintings bring your family pet to life so when you get a chance to unplug, swing by Belle's Nest and take a peek at her work, it will be on display for purchase through October.


Maison Blanche Paint Company June 20 2014

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be selling Maison Blanche Furniture Paint with 36 beautiful and romantic ready to use colors! These beautiful paints have a velvety soft finish and are low in volatile components making it a green eco friendly product. We will also be offering their fabulous quality designer furniture finishing products.

We've just returned from Texas where we had the most wonderful experience. We had the opportunity to receive hands on training from Annie Omar, founder of Maison Blanche.

Soon to come, workshops and beautiful products!


Sierra Madre Art Walk Artists June 04 2014

Sierra Madre Art Walk takes place this Friday evening, June 6 5-9pm...come by and enjoy the work of local artists Elizabeth Converse and Jennifer Lindstrom.  

After a decade of teaching art and directing award winning art education programs for inner city youth, Elizabeth created a series of her own paintings and prints. The experience as an educator working with thousands of youth and hundreds of fellow artists, had a significant impact on her artistic output. She has honed new skills and techniques. As a result, she currently focuses on making outstanding art available to all by employing various mediums and reproduction possiblities. 

The works of art you will see in her collection are available as glicee prints on 100% cotton canvas or prints on fine 100% cotton paper. The canvas and papers used for these pieces are of highest archival quality and will preserve the life of these vibrant prints. The prints are available in a variety of sizes and signed with embossed stamps or by hand. 



Local artist Jennifer Lindstrom will also be joining us for Henna Tatoos, pick from one of her beautiful designs or create your own. Her beautiful series of Bird Paintings will also be on display for purchase.  Please visit to learn more about Jennifer.


Alegria Soap April 30 2014 1 Comment

Susan Hartley is the owner and soap maker behind Alegria. A while back, while learning all she could about what her family was putting into their bodies, she realized she hadn't given much thought to what they were putting on their bodies. And so her journey into soap making began. Susan now makes all natural and mostly vegan soaps, lip balms and body butters that are great for your skin and the environment as well. All Alegria soaps are made using high quality oils, botanicals for color, essential oils for fragrance...and never anything artificial. We look forward to her visit on Saturday, May 10 from noon-3pm, just in time for Mother's Day!

Hand made in Sierra Madre

Let's Celebrate April 24 2014

The celebration of mothers, and our mother earth is upon us. We have so many wonderful items in the shop to give to those who have inspired us, loved us, and guided us. 

New summer hats by San Diego Hat Co., Candles by Gloria Prins, Handmade journals and so much more.


Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen February 24 2014 1 Comment

It is with great joy and excitement that our new website is up and running! One of our many goals for this year is to blog more and share with you the background stories and talents of our Belle's Nest contributors and friends.

Speaking of talented people, our friend Lynn Gray, of Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen has just launched her first digital cookbook. We've been following her posts for quite some time now and always look forward to her emails and delicious recipes. We are huge fans and appreciate her work so much. You can read more about Lynn here.

A warm welcome January 19 2014

Hello friends, welcome to our new website! We are looking forward to sharing with you what inspires us most. We'll be in touch, hope you visit us again soon.