Blackwing Pencils

$ 21.95

Blackwing Firm 602

Palomino Blackwing Firm Pencil 602 features a

Firm and smooth graphite core.I

deal for writers and everyday users who don’t like to sharpen often.  

Signature extendable eraser.

Each box contains 12 firm pencils.

Crafted from Genuine Incense-cedar.


Blackwing Volumes Limited Edition

Set contains 6 green jade pencils and 6 white jade pencils. No 205 references the molecular weight of jadeite, the most sought after form of jade.

Each pencil features a gold ferrule,

Black eraser,

Gold imprint and a firm graphite formulation.


Blackwing Soft

Softest of all Blackwing pencils.

Matte black finish.

Square ferrule and white eraser.

Box of 12

Ideal for anyone who prefers a soft, dark line.