We are happy to host an evening with four lovely artisans of F.O.A., all Sierra Madre residents. The wonderful mix of wares range from textiles, raw paintings, hand crafted lighting, and whimsical works or art.  Make an evening of supporting our local artists, enjoying a glass of wine and tasty delights.  

Get to know the featured artists....


Paintings by Jennifer Lindstrom

Jennifer Lindstrom is an artist of many colors and mediums from henna to glitter and paint or collage.  You never know what its going to be, it could be anything?
Tonight will be a collection of bird prints mounted in hand painted distressed picture frames, they are an instant gift or treasure to add to any room. There may also be a few original paintings for sale or possibly an entirely new project altogether.  
Painting by Elizabeth Converse

Throughout  my life I have learned about the world through the creative expressions of others and myself. I cannot imagine a day in which I do not appreciate the intrinsic and irreplaceable gift of living a creative life.”  

Elizabeth Converse has known several artistic professions from the inside out:  painter, writer, educator designer.  In the last year, she began devoting herself to a new series of paintings.  Her Away paintings on display reflect her recent interest in landscapes and the notion of Being Away and Renewal.  Also on display are current designs and Textiles from her  growing Leda Collection 


Lamp by SoPhab 

Lamp by Sophia of SoPhab

Sophia D’Auria launched her company SoPhab in 2014.  After 10 years of working for others in the decorative lighting industry, honing her wood and metal working skills on both large commercial projects and intimate one of a kind designs, she decided to start her own artisan business.  She is committed to creating fun, friendly and functional lighting for both homes and workspaces.  Since starting SoPhab, herskill and attention to high quality and artistic designs has attracted homeowners and shopkeepers alike who desire something unique for their environments.  


 Pat Arcona pat arcona 

Pat Arcona

As an artist I promote Arts and Artists. This is an obsession and as an obsession I can only share the fruits and hope to share the emotions. Since I cannot trace the source I believe the heart of a non-Western has always resided inside me. My travel chooses and places I have lived only reinforce this belief. But an obsession is only another word for a passion, and I am going to display this passion and hopefully share it. 

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