Do you feel the change in the air...Love it! Our quaint town of Sierra Madre loves to celebrate Halloween.  Alegria draws thousands of people who walk the blvd to collect candy and admire the row of decorated houses; it's an awesome site!  Now begins the window painting contest by the kids in town...most of the merchants participate in this fun event. It's great to see how inventive the kids can be with Halloween.  We love to celebrate Dia de los Muertos which falls on November 1st this year.    We don't dress or paint our faces, but in the store we like to carry a variety of memorabilia to be in spirit of the celebration.  Hopefully when you come by Belle's Nest, you'll feel the energy of the holiday in the shop and walking through town. Lots going on this month... Keep visiting the events page and the blog for updates.... [caption id="attachment_4583" align="aligncenter" width="400"] tea anyone?
bird feeders and skulls
three friends![/caption]

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