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Crochet a Hispter Grannie Square!
Monday, August 6 11:00 Am - 12:30 PM Level: Beginner or Intermediate Fee: $30 Instructor: Janell Mithani To find out more about Janell, visit her at http:// http://janellmithani.com/blog/
Come and learn how to crochet a grannie square and find out about all the trendy clothes and accessories you can make with this updated crochet tradition!  A beginning crochet class (or refresher if you learned a while ago and want to begin crocheting again.)  Granny squares can be sewn together to make all kinds of projects such as scarves, blankets, pillows, purses, coasters, the possibilities are endless.   In this workshop you will learn to make a granny square using three basic crochet stitches.  You will also learn how to attach the squares together so you can continue making squares on your own to make a project of your choice.  All supplies and materials will be provided.
To register please visit our events page at: http://www.bellesnest.com/events/
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